Welcome to message-songs.com, my Internet home and the home of my recent CD releases - “Good News,” "Across the Finish Line," "Together by Design," "Onward and Upward," "Salt and Light," "You're Not Alone," "Out of My World" (2013 Grammy considered), "Eagles' Wings," "Faith," and "24 Hours." I chose this website name because a song has the unique ability to convey a message - good or bad - to the listener in a very short period of time, and unlike some of the popular music today, each track on these albums contains a positive life message, for the here and now or the hereafter. I hope you enjoy the music. But beyond that, I pray the songs move you - to joy, to tears, to faith, to action.

For information on my latest three releases, Good News, Across the Finish Line, and Together by Design, and two books I've recently written, click on the 'News' link. The ‘Buy’ link provides information on how to purchase CDs and downloads at Amazon. You can also listen to individual songs or recent albums in their entirety for free at my Hear Now website, accessible at the bottom of every page on this site. Accessible from the 'Links' page are several YouTube videos I've done over the years. Finally, feel free to contact me using my email address on the ‘Contact’ page. Blessings to all.......Bob